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12 reasons why you need a website

Your business is your baby… Without a website – you don’t exist. Gain credibility. Gain confidence with prospective customers. Professional sites make a difference.  The message you are sending if your site is nonexistent,  ‘homemade’, or dated is not the best that it can be. (Even banks want to see your website before issuing business […]

Updating WordPress and Plugins

WordPress continually evolves with updates for either functionality or security. In the last week, there have been three updates to WordPress alone.  WordPress updates and releases are either core changes which add functionality, features and options, or for security reasons to fix bugs and repair vulnerabilities. You don’t want to ignore either one.   If […]

Caroline Harman’s Work

Caroline Harman’s painting, Don’t Break the Ice is just one of her latest pieces.  I am fascinated always by the complexity of her work and enjoy working on her website.  You can see this and many other examples of her work at www.

Using wp-config to Customize WordPress

Using wp-config to Customize WordPress. Article on customize WordPress using the wp-config file.  Thanks to Jérémy Heleine at Sitepoint

WordPress Workshop Offered

Make a resolution to learn how to work on your WordPress web site this year!  If you are frustrated with understanding how to work with the dashboard, setting up new pages or posts, getting things to look the way you want, or have no idea what to do when there are notices of updates for WordPress and […]

Some days are just like this

Newtown Recovery and Resiliency Resources

For all members of my Newtown community – if you are struggling – or looking for guidance on where to start – please contact Newtown Recovery and Resiliency.  They are a great team and ready to help.  The mission of the Newtown Recovery and Resiliency team is to assess, engage, and collaborate with all facets of […]

The Project for Team Conferencing and Social Group Work Inc.

This website needs to feature many different programs offered by The Project for Team Conferencing and Social Group Work, Inc.  They are a non-profit 501 (c) 3 working to achieve outsized goals for schools, Out-of-School Time programs, and social service providers. It is an entirely new organization – founded in 2013 – by four seasoned […]

The Clients Guide to What it Actually Takes to Create a Website

Taken from Sitepoint, Richa Jain Published October 30, 2014 When you’re looking to create a website for your business, it’s important to choose the right design and development team to do it for you. A website is your primary interface with your customers in the online world. Just like any other business asset, your website needs […]