Everyone loves my new website, sent it to my dad in Arizona, …thinks it’s beautiful.
Thank you so much.
Linda Tahan-Stein
LTS Hair Studio

Here’s the thing about Terry: she has the know-how to get the job done – no matter how large or small – and the bedside or deskside manner to make you feel like you’re not a moron. Long gone are my days of fretting and crying into the keyboard; I have Terry on speed dial. Her WordPress technical expertise frees me to focus on what I do best: write.
Kate Mayer
Writer. Humorist. Activist.

Byrd's BooksI have been thrilled with the work that Wingcat Web Design has done for Byrd’s Books. Not only has the logo design far exceeded my expectations, but the website is beautiful, creative, easy to navigate and logical to maintain. I could not be happier!
Alice Hutchinson, owner
Byrd’s Books


Terry is a pleasure to work with. Her knowledge of design plus attention to our business enabled her to create newspaper ads and emails for the holiday season that really portrayed what our store is all about.
Julie Janofsky, Quality Gem
Quality Gem


Terry Laslo’s not only a great web designer, she’s a great person! I came to her with very little computer savvy  a tendency to nit-pick and a million scattered ideas for a huge site. Terry took it all in stride, with patience and grace. In the end I got exactly what I wanted – even though I had no clear idea of what that was until the project was nearly finished! I highly recommend Wingcat Web Design to anyone who wants a pleasant, comfortable process and superior results.
Rosemary Fox, Artist and Illustrator
Rosemary Fox Designs


I’m not one of those painters that enjoys working at the computer. In my mind, the task of updating my web presence -ok, the idea that I have a web presence still cracks me up–is an arduous, bone crushing, megalithic block to all the good things in life. I dragged my feet for what seems like years, until the idea that nice new people that I was meeting all over the world were maybe going to see the website they asked the address for, and my enormous ego got the better of me (again!–God save me from myself). Enter Terry Laslo, owner and operator of Wingcat Web Design. She was gentle. She was kind. She was patient. AND, she knows what she’s doing and knows how to handle even the most out of touch-with-all-of-this-computer-business-types, like yours truly. SO, this is my first attempt at posting a (i hate this word) BLOG, which my sister Colleen told me is a nickname for Web Log, and to keep me interested, I’ve told myself it’s a love note to the great Web Woman in my life, Terry Laslo, whom I adore and to whom I will remain grateful.
Kate McGloughlin, Painter & Printmaker
Kate McGloughlin


I just thought I would email you to let you know that I am still receiving very strong positive reviews about the site that we put together. I have gotten a few new clients from Google’s adwords, and although the website has not been directly responsible for a great new volume, its presence is educating new clients efficiently and establishes a very professional tone. It was well worth the effort and cost and I am continuously grateful that I have defined my web presence so professionally. I hope your business is booming, because you are a great web designer and my experience of working with you was so positive.
Jeanne Edelen, Massage Therapist


Just wanted to let you know that I received numerous compliments from colleagues and friends about the design of my website. One of my mentors was particularly impressed with your work. The site beautifully showcases my art and allows me to present a sophisticated ‘face’ to the public. Thank you for creating such an excellent site. Your patience, expertise, and gentle manner has make this challenging learning experience fun.
All my best, Elana Amity
Elana Amity Artist


Thank you for helping. I’m really glad I did my site with you.
Tim Conlan, Owner
Tim Conlan Plumbing Company


I just love the way it looks!!! Thanks so much!
Eileen Barchi, Owner
Kindred Quilting



Email Marketing

TempleClean, LLC develops and markets products to the Beauty Industry, in particular to the hair color segment of the market. Since we come out with new or enhanced products quite often, we were looking for a way to update our followers about what is new in a timely fashion. Ever since Terry Laslo of Wingcat Web Design suggested we use Constant Contact to reach out to our customers, our business opportunities have grown significantly.  Of the many things we like about using Constant Contact, the value to us is giving us the ability to:

  • Gradually grow our own data base of contacts we have met at shows, meetings or via phone or email.
  • Easily construct and send a monthly newsletter (with Terry’s help of course) updating our customers, and the fact most will read it because they know who it is coming from.
  • Stay in touch with prospects, customers, vendors, and distributors alike.
  • Feature a customer and/or product
  • Announce awards, product availability, new distributors
  • Increase website sales by linking from newsletter back to website
  • Instantly expose our customers to any media coverage via video clips

Bill Coleman, Owner
TempleClean, LLC


It was a pleasure having Wingcat Web Design set up our mailing system on Constant Contact. The work was done quickly and the mailings look great! The email addresses we acquired in our store were put into an excel file which was uploaded into Constant Contact. We are in a business where in August this is our busiest time so having Wingcat Web Design setting this up for us and doing our mailings worked out great, with very minimal input from us. Feedback has been very positive and the mailings are a great way to keep in touch with our customers to update them on availability of produce in our store. Thanks Terry for a job well done!”
Farmer Mark Palladino
Wild Carrot Farm LLC