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12 reasons why you need a website

Your business is your baby… Without a website – you don’t exist. Gain credibility. Gain confidence with prospective customers. Professional sites make a difference.  The message you are sending if your site is nonexistent,  ‘homemade’, or dated is not the best that it can be. (Even banks want to see your website before issuing business […]

Updating WordPress and Plugins

WordPress continually evolves with updates for either functionality or security. In the last week, there have been three updates to WordPress alone.  WordPress updates and releases are either core changes which add functionality, features and options, or for security reasons to fix bugs and repair vulnerabilities. You don’t want to ignore either one.   If […]

Caroline Harman’s Work

Caroline Harman’s painting, Don’t Break the Ice is just one of her latest pieces.  I am fascinated always by the complexity of her work and enjoy working on her website.  You can see this and many other examples of her work at www.